Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

So, last night I was relaxing in my bed with my book. I knew Bauer had snuggled up right by me, I could feel a paw on my arm. I looked over and almost passed out from the cute.

I seriously love this guy. I am so happy to have him in our family.

I mean he fits in so well it is a little hard to believe he has only been with us for four short months. It kind of feels like he has been here forever. I can't imagine not having him.

He and Sammy make a perfect duo. Love.

In other news from my garden. I planted no sunflowers this spring. That doesn't sound at all noteworthy except that there are sunflowers growing in with my daisies.

Pretty right? They are super tall and I am not sure what kind of sunflower it is, but I can only guess that I have my birds to thank for them since there are sunflower seeds in the seed mix I feed them. I love nature.

Enjoy your Thursday!!

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