Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

I did tons of yard work this weekend!  What a great workout, my arms are so sore!  Manual hedge trimmers for the win.  Besides a Friday dinner date with the husband and a trip to Michael's and Home Depot my weekend was all yard work, spring planting and taking pictures!!  I snapped some good ones of my Easter decorations.  Let's take a look.

Here is a revisit to the Easter mantel with a much better picture.  This collection is a mixture of items from well, everywhere.  The hurricanes on each end belonged to my parents and have spent many many years on this very mantel.  The small canvas of flowers also belonged to them, so it is from the same era.  I mostly said era to tease my mother.  Hi, mom.  :)  I believe they were all wedding gifts which dates them back to the late 60's.  My mom always had tapered candles in them, but I like to mix it up.

The W I picked up at Hobby Lobby a while back.  The bunnies on the right joined the Ema's Easter Decor Collection last year and I found them at Pier 1. 

The bunny in the center is new to the party this year.  He came from the Lucky Rabbit in Hattiesburg, MS.  I love that place.

The eggs on the left I grabbed on sale at Pier 1 a couple of years ago.  And I just noticed my candle is crooked.  Awesome.

My coffee table has a large jar candle on it, so I put some pastel eggs in the bottom of it.

Watch out for cat laser eyes...they are dangerous.

This candle looks crooked, but in my defense it is burning unevenly, so this one is technically not my fault.  The fact that the candle holder is from Pier 1 might come as shock to you.  I hope you were sitting down.

In the dining room there are more bunnies.

On the left I have a long legged bunny that was my mom's.  He is not from the 60's.  He stands crooked, and I like it.  I have a theme working.  The bowl was my parents, I believe originally my grandmother's, so it is even older than the 60's.

On the opposite end, another bunny.  This one from Marshall's Home Goods from several years ago.

The flowers and the balls in the bowl are from Pier 1.  I sure hope you were sitting that time.

My last bit of Easter is on my breakfast room table.  This might be my favorite of all.

Tray (and coasters) from Willow House, bunny from Pier 1, bird from Trees and Trends (Hattiesburg, MS), candle and holder from Target, vase from Crate and Barrel, and the eggs from Hobby Lobby.

Yes, this is my favorite Easter grouping.  I am sure of it now.

Tomorrow on the!  Along with a tour of my patio decked out for spring.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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