Wednesday, March 26, 2014


**PUPDATE!! Arya has found her forever home! **

It's my day off!  The guest blogger today is a spunky spaniel and chow mix.  Take it away Arya!

HI!  I'm Arya.  Let's play.  I can be a little shy at first, so I might want to give you a sniff, but I do love to play.  I can hold my own with all my buddies, so if you have another dog in your life that's a-okay with me.  I want to play with them too!

I'm still a pup, under a year old, but I already know a lot of my commands.  Look at me doing my down.  I am a pro.  And that's not all, I am already potty trained.  How 'bout that?

My foster mom says I get along great with my 3 foster siblings and I even wait my turn for treats.  I'll tell you, treats are worth waiting for, those things are delicious.  She also says I am a sweet sweet girl, but I know you could already tell that just by lookin' at me.

This outside thing is awesome.  I love to explore and take in, well everything.  Fresh air, a roll in the grass, taking off after a name it.  I love it.  I guess you could say I am an easy going agreeable girl.  I'll be happy to be with you doing anything you want...just name it.

So if you are looking for 35 lbs of pure love, I gotcha covered.  Come meet me, let me give you a sniff, and I'll be your best friend forever!

She's not kidding.  If you'd like to meet Arya, email Red Collar Rescue at  You'll fall in love.  I promise.

*All of the photos in this post were provided by Amy of BH Studios.

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  1. Awww what a sweet little face! Paws crossed for you, you gorgeous pup! Great post! And I will share it as well!
    thanks for linking up with Ruckus and I for thoughtless Thursday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Aww how cute is Arya! All fingers and paws crossed for you here!


    1. Thanks! She's a doll. I hope her forever family finds her soon!! They are missing out right now. :)

  3. Wow Arya, great pictures and thanks Ema for linking up this guest post with us. Happy Thoughtless Thursday!

    1. She photographs easily! I don't think Amy had any challenges making her look cute. :)

  4. Yes, great pictures! Hope Arya finds a home soon.


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