Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Fashion

I have been pinning spring outfit ideas like crazy on Pinterest.  I can't wait for spring.  This winter has been long...seriously, freezing in March?!  Houston has lost its mind.  I am growing especially impatient because I got this cute top from Mod Cloth and I cannot wait to wear it.


Isn't it cute!?  I wanted to wear it to work on Monday, but oh, no it was in the 40s.  Sigh.  The upside?  I got to order some cute flats to go with my new top.  Score.

To tide me over until I can wear the outfit I have planned, I tried my hand at making one of those fun outfit inspiration pictures like I have been pinning.

Not too bad for a first try, huh?  Okay, I'll work on it.  In my, shoes, bag, earrings, necklace.  The shoes are the actual ones I ordered for my outfit.  The jewelry and the bag I love, but alas do not own.

Here are a couple more outfits that I have pinned.  I actually looked at my board when I got dressed this morning.



I might be turning into a fashionista on you.  Look out.


  1. I like the looks you created!! And that giraffe top...I LOVE it. XOXO

    1. Thanks Meredith!! The second two outfits I didn't create, but I sure love them! :)


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