Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Finds

Have I ever confessed to you how much I love Hobby Lobby?  Well, I do.  I really, really do.  They have great prices on their home decor items and they have great sales all the time.  The sister-in-law needed to go this weekend and I selflessly volunteered to tag along.  You know for moral support.  I was happy to sacrifice myself for her.  It should surprise no one that I came home with several cute items.  They are so cute, that I don't even have a favorite.  Let's take a look, shall we?

This might be the cutest lamp in my entire house.  I love the burlap texture of the shade and the little flowers.  So cute.

The picture frames were 50% off, so I came home with two.  It just made sense...kind of like a buy one get one free situation.

This bird was also 50% off, so he had to come home with me.

I mean he's wearing a crown for crying out loud. I needed him. Hmmm...it might be a fancy girl bird and not a boy. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Now what did I do with all these treasures?  The only thing that I had already found a place for in my mind when I made my purchase was the lamp, so we will start there.  The red picture frame found it's location alongside the lamp.

Where is this magical space you ask?

At the end of my blue hallway of course.

The blue picture frame found its home on the windowsill in my bathroom.

And finally my fancy yellow bird landed on my coffee table.

Everything, but the lamp was on sale.  I spent less than 100 bucks, in fact it was even closer to 80 than to 100.  I was pleased.  Have you made any wonderful finds for your home lately?

There may have been a little wine consumed during the making of this post.  :)

In other very exciting news the spring outfit that I blogged about with my new top from ModCloth is making its debut today.  Yay spring!

It figures that the only full length mirror in our home is in the husband's den.  Makes for exciting outfit pictures where I look like I have antlers.  Lol.

Have a lovely day!

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