Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekly Finds

In a word...flowers.

I suppose the word plants would be more accurate since I did plant some herbs and veggies also.  I am excited to have my patio and deck planted for spring and I loved sitting out there Saturday evening and Sunday morning enjoying all my hard work.  Here is a little tour for you.

This is a view from the sun porch door out on to the deck.  Things that are on my list still...have the husband move the fire pit back to the garage and replace the two chairs on the right side of the picture.  I want to finish the space out with two more chairs like the ones on the left.

Here is the view looking back toward the house.  The empty stand in the front of the picture had one of those pretty glass balls in it.

A clumsy girl with 4 legs broke it last weekend, but she is cute, so we will let her stay.  My yard work is on going so you might notice a weed or a pile of clippings that need to be disposed of. 

By my back door I have this cool new to me pot.  I came across it in my garage last summer and thought it would be great for a mixed planting.

In the mix: oregano, hen and chicks, stonecrop (which will flower yellow), and mint.  Helpful tip for herb labels (for spaces that will not be rained on)...make your tags on sturdy paper with a sharpy and stash them into plants on a clothespin.  I used scrap book paper for mine.

Next to the back door above this pot is my wind chime bell that my mom gave me for Christmas.  I love it.

The seating area facing the house has the cozy chairs and a coffee table.

On the coffee table are rosemary, gerbera daisies, and English daisies.

I have never grown the English daisies before.  They are new to me, I love them.

The bottom level of the table has a tray of old gardening tools and other odds and ends that I found in the garage.  Finding treasures that I don't know I have never gets old.

The table opposite the coffee table has petunias on it and gerbera daisies beside it. 

I came across the bird cage on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I think is is a cute addition.

My plant stand is full of daisies, yellow erysimums, and hen and chicks.

Oh, yes.  I am happy spring has sprung.  I am ready for a happy hour glass of wine on the deck this evening.

Sammy approves.

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