Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

This Wednesday is super wonderful because I ran my dishwasher last night!!  It made me happy to empty some of the clean dishes (well mostly cups and silverware) this morning.  Total excitement, I know...almost too much to handle.

Look what arrived yesterday and came out of the dishwasher this morning!

Daisies!!  What a perfect tervis tumbler for me! The funny story about this tumbler is that I searched and found their website because I was looking for how many ounces the large tumbler I had was.  My goal was to make one of those crystal light packets in it and I wanted to know if I could use the whole packet.  Anyway, I had no idea they had so many designs.  I ordered this one for me and one with peace signs all over it for my niece.

The same day I discovered their site a high school friend of mine changed her profile picture to a picture of herself with her new tumbler.  According to the comments on her post she has somewhat of an addiction to them...I do too now that I discovered their website.  I am in good company.  I posted this picture on her FB page this morning.  LOL.  Yes, I am easily entertained.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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