Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We're Cookin' Now

First things first...Sammy is home from her weekend at her favorite place Bed and Biscuits.

I was so happy to see her!  She was worn out from all the playing.

Second and SUPER exciting...I cooked dinner in MY kitchen last night. WOOHOO!!!!  I hit the grocery store at lunch and grabbed all the goods for a gigantic salad with Skinny Taste's White Balsamic Vinaigrette.  I also picked up some chicken breast tenders which were an adventure to cook in a not completely unpacked kitchen.  It wasn't until I had them out of the package and was trimming them that it occurred to me that I had no idea which box all my spices were in.  Almost cooking fail...but rescued by my favorite marinade...Allegro!  Thank goodness I had a bottle in the fridge.


I served it all up on a very fancy paper plate.  Hopefully I will get the rest of the kitchen unpacked in the next couple of days.  The only things left to be done in the kitchen are the back splash tile, swapping the faucet out, and a few odds and ends.

It is still cluttered right now, but it works!  The shelf which is skillfully holding a cutting board at the moment is where the microwave will go.  This whole counter top is a new addition to the kitchen.  This was kind of dead space before.

I am loving how the breakfast room cabinets turned out.  I love the hardware.  And there is a table in the breakfast room now.  I know...crazy talk.

We enjoyed dinner at the table last night.  We were fancy...or at least it felt kind of fancy.  The husband called the right to cook dinner tonight.  I suppose I will let him use MY kitchen.  :)

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