Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

We started off the weekend by having some friends over on Friday night to have some cocktails and snacks.

Cheeses, warm bread, and olive oil dip; Carrots, celery, and ranch dip

It was a great time.

The rest of the weekend was spent preparing for my mother to come home to Houston.  When she is in Houston she stays with us and her room was not so much ready for a guest.  We got it mostly situated and got some of it unpacked.  Sammy was excited to see her GeeGee (that's what the grandchildren and animals call my mom).

"I love Geegs.  I'm glad she is coming home."

Sunday we got massages.  Ah, massages.

I picked my mom up from the airport yesterday.  She came in a day earlier than planned because of the storm in the gulf.  She was worried about her flight getting out of Jackson today and about my sister having to drive her to the airport in the bad weather.

My mom loved the house.  This was her first time back since before we had a functioning kitchen.  She loved everything that we had done and very much enjoyed the baked tilapia dinner.

I added tomatoes to my baked tilapia recipe last night.  I am not a fan of the tomatoes so I left them out of my foil packet, but the husband and my mom liked it a lot.  You can find the recipe for the baked tilapia packets in this post or on my recipes page.  I served it over orzo last night with a side of yellow squash.

Yummy dinner.

This dinner came in at 12 weight watchers points plus; that included a cup of the orzo pasta.  If you are a member of weight watchers online I have created this recipe as a community recipe so you can also find it there.

Sammy slept at the dinner table right next to my mom.  Love.

My mom commented yesterday when I picked her up that 3 months was the longest we had lived in separate towns before.  It is true.  I am happy she is home...don't tell her...but I did miss her a little.  Ask me again in a couple of weeks if I am still happy she is home.  LOL

As part of my unpacking over the weekend I found my scale.  Uh, oh.  I was brave this morning and got on it.  I have gained 6.5 pounds while we were without a kitchen.  Bummer.  Oh, well I have entered my weight in my planner and logged my food from yesterday and today and my gym bag is sitting under my desk at the ready for my lunch hour workout.  Here we go!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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