Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I've Learned

I have learned lots of things while remodeling the house.
  1. It is impossible to keep up with dusting, so don't try
  2. You have made more progress than you think; ask someone that doesn't live there
  3. Create a happy now list and start scratching things off it to keep yourself sane
  4. Cats love to hide in the clutter
  5. Dogs don't notice the clutter, unless it begins to topple over on them
  6. Semi-gloss paint doesn't belong on indoor walls, especially when it is a shade of yellow
  7. I am not so great at choosing shades of yellow paint
Number 6 is the most important thing on this list.  I decided when I started painting that the walls were supposed to be semi-gloss.  This is not the correct decision especially when the paint color is a shade of yellow.  Case in point the living room:

After                                                                                        New After

I first painted the living room a semi-gloss yellow that I chose that turned out a very mango sort of yellow orange that reflected all light.  Since then we have repainted it a mustard yellow color (my original target color) that the husband chose in an eggshell finish.  Better, right?  Yes, I know.

Do not let me choose your yellow paint and do not use yellow semi-gloss on your indoor walls.  It just isn't right.  I should have already known that I was not good at choosing yellow paints.  My office had to be repainted after my first yellow choice on it too.  Oops.

In other exciting news, look real food!!

Rotisserie chicken and steamed brussel sprouts.

Rebecca had me over for dinner last night.  She was very excited to see me.

Excited Rebecca (Leo hides his excitement better)

The star of the dinner was this salad:

And this dressing:

This is a white balsamic dressing with basil and shallots compliments of this Skinny Taste recipe.  It was incredible.  Once I have a kitchen it will be one I make regularly.  Speaking of kitchens the counter tops should be installed tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me.

Today is my Friday...I will be Gruene, TX bound tomorrow!  Bring on the relaxing weekend!  I hope yours is great too!


  1. I Learned my lesson a long time ago about semi-gloss paint. I only use it for trim or painting furniture now. The new yellow looks great.

  2. the new yellow looks great, good lesson learned...I hate picking out paint, there are so many that look the same and how do i know what the wall will look like based on a tiny square?!? hooray for kitchen counters!!!

    1. I pick other colors quickly and have been pleased with all my other choices...yellow is hard!


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