Friday, August 10, 2012

Coming Together

This kitchen remodel has felt like it was taking a lifetime, but I can finally say it is coming together.  The subway tile back splash got its grout yesterday and it looks great.

I am still in love with the new faucet despite the scratches on the windowsill.  I will be very happy when those are fixed though...such a pretty faucet deserves a pretty environment.

Hello gorgeous!

Did I tell you we are getting a new refrigerator?  Great story.  We used all the existing appliances in the kitchen and planned on keeping the fridge.  Well, I had to call my credit card company for something a couple of months ago...I got a very helpful and very excited customer service guy on the phone.  Once he had answered my questions he asked if there was anything else he could do for me and I said no.  And he said, well how about a points balance before I let you go.  I said, a points balance?  And he said, oh this will be fun. 

I had no idea my card earned points...I suppose that should be a lesson to read the mail from your credit card company and not just automatically consider it junk.  Anyway, I have had this credit card since I was an undergrad (so like two and it turns out I had a lot of points ready for the using.  In fact there were thousands that I was going to lose come March 2013.  To make a long story short, I had enough points to get a $1,000 gift card to Sears and still have lots of points left.  So, my new almost free fridge comes today.  Woohoo!

"I like the fridges.  They has the noms."

I saw this on Facebook last night and felt it needed to be shared.  I have been feeling like this a lot lately.

Mmm Ice Cream

Happy Friday!!  I have to work tonight.  Oh, boy.  But I get the afternoon off to hang out with my new fridge.  I hear new appliances are very entertaining.  It was true for my washer and dryer, so I am very excited.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. an almost free fridge, awesome!!! gotta love credit card points, i wish i could forget about mine and let them build up...

    1. I was so surprised...and I love our new fridge!!!


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