Thursday, August 9, 2012

Faucets and Subway Tile!

One of my first purchases for the kitchen has turned out to be one of the last things to be installed.  I have waited a long time, but yesterday I came home to see my new faucet.  I am in love.


I did have to pout a little because in order to install the faucet, since it was a tight space, they scratched my windowsill.  Of course they will fix that...but still...I pouted.  

My subway tile back splash was installed yesterday also.  I love it!

I'm keeping the drop cloth.  I think it really adds to the space.

They will be grouting the tile today.  Hurray!

And I cooked dinner last night...chicken tenders breaded with Italian bread crumbs, roasted brussel sprouts, and whole wheat couscous.

Yes, I had already started eating before I took the picture...I was hungry.

Have a great Thursday!!


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