Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

After the excitement of the counter tops arriving on Friday, I hit the road for a weekend in Gruene, TX.  I met the husband at the Gruene River Inn where we spent the weekend.

View from our balcony

The Inn was super cute, had river access and all the rooms had balconies with a view of the river.  Plus they served breakfast, so it was kind of like a bed and breakfast.  The breakfast options were great...waffles, bagels, breakfast tacos...I opted for potato and egg tacos.

Friday evening we enjoyed local wines at the newly opened winery in Gruene.

Saturday morning we enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the balcony with a great view and then we headed down to the river and relaxed on its banks.

Saturday afternoon we went in to New Braunfels and did a little Christmas shopping.

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Okay, we didn't really Christmas shop, but I couldn't resist a Christmas Story reference.  We found this in the hardware store.

We had lunch and local brews at the Faust Hotel and Brewing Co.

In the evening we relaxed by the river and again Sunday morning had coffee with a great view.

We didn't hang around too long before heading home on Sunday...Daniel was excited to see the sink and counter tops!


I can't wait until the back splash and my new faucet go in.  Today they are finishing electrical, hooking up the plumbing, and hooking up the stove.  We will be cooking tonight!

The grocery list is ready for my lunch hour!


  1. sounds like a good weekend, and wow you must be excited to get to go grocery shopping!!

    1. I was excited and it was kind of fun! Dinner was delicious!


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