Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time Flies

During our vacation there was a morning where we were sitting out on the deck and we were joined by my niece Courtney.  She is my oldest niece, she is 11 now, she will be 12 (TWELVE!) in September.

Courtney and me in 1999
She was talking to my husband about math and school.  I was sitting there listening...I had nothing to add since I could not get the picture above out of my head.  I was captivated.  She is beautiful, she was speaking eloquently and asking lots of great questions...she was talking with the use of her hands like a good Dietrich girl.  I just sat and snapped pictures of her as she talked to Daniel.  I was floored...when did she grow up!?

I love that girl!

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  1. time does fly, I was talking about that recently with some friends.

    its great you and Daniel are close with your nieces, your beach vacations are very special memories


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