Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Changes Are Good

I was so not myself yesterday!  I wasn't feeling very well, I went home in the afternoon and out slept whatever evil thing was trying to get me.  I feel better today.

Poor Rebecca, I missed our walk yesterday and this morning.  This morning just the thought of the humidity made me sick, so I decided to skip it and do yoga.  My yoga turned out to be shavasana in my bed.  What?  That's exercise, some people say that is the hardest yoga pose there is.  I will be on the elliptical at lunch today, so at least there will be a calorie burn...yesterday there was none.

Despite my bumpy start to the week I do feel like I am implementing good changes in my habbits.  Last night Daniel and I were too lazy to cook, so we ordered sandwiches to be delivered.  Ever tried Jimmy John's?  Delicious and they deliver.  What could be better?  Anyway, in the past I would have ordered the Italian with extras and chips.  Last night I went for the turkey.  It was very good and much lighter.  Yay.

Since I did not blog yesterday and Monday I didn't share the pen color, I will not hold out on you any longer...I know you lost sleep wondering about it.  Monday was purple.  Yesterday and today it's lime green!  I was only in the office a half day yesterday, so I figured lime green needed a little more time.

Always a happy color.
In addition to the changes I am making for my health, I am also making fun changes in my house!  I have been re-styling (I learned that word from HGTV :) ) some of my favorite spaces in my home.  Check it out.  I got a new canister on sale at Willow House and thought I'd use it to brighten the top of my armoire.  I had the yellow vase hidden behind a large picture frame that has moved to the shelves in the dining area and I added a candle holder that I moved from the bedroom.

Happy armoire with favorite wedding picture and the nieces.  :)
The candle holders that moved from the bedroom and got separated around the house were replaced with this cool bird house...also from Willow House.

The shelves in my dining room were so boring...I love them now!!

I had a few bowls and a basket that I had picked up on sale.  They were in the side board in the dining room waiting for a home and they have found one.  I love our new coffee table!

Changes all around!  Health,!  I hope the rest of the week is smoother than the beginning.

Happy Wednesday!

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