Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wow...I am dragging this morning.  I'm not sure why.  The walk this morning was hot (shocking, I know) and I am glad it's done.  I didn't feel like I was walking in a straight line (but even walking crooked burns there is a silver lining).  I hope to feel better about it tomorrow.  Happy Thursday, though.  :)

So true!
So speaking of calendars...or looking at a picture of one, how on earth is it already the time of year that there are pumpkins on my magazine cover???  I checked the mail on my way back in from my walk this morning and I was greeted by this...

Doesn't seem possible!!  Christmas just four months away?  Wow.

Sammy says hello.  Or she would if she were not so worn out.  My tired little pup. 


  1. that is too crazy they already have halloween/fall stuff on the magazines!! let me get to labor day first!

  2. No kidding!! Right!? Geez!


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