Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Week and Packages!

This week has been so crazy and it is still only Thursday.  I suppose I should be thankful that tomorrow is Friday (and I am), but this has been a long week!  This morning Rebecca had to be at work early, so I slept in.  I am considering sleeping in tomorrow for good measure...wouldn't want to upset the balance of no morning workout this week.  :)  I will be in the gym at lunch to get my calorie burn on.  Yay!  I need it! 

My food choices have been better, life change is working, but I am still (avert your eyes from TMI) premenstrual this week and I have had the munchies.  I told a friend that any carb that was standing still I wanted to eat!  LOL!  So last night I had a rice bowl and some red wine.  Very balanced and healthy. wasn't a Big Mac, right?

Last night we had storm clouds roll in...something we haven't seen here in Houston in a long time.  It was complete with beautiful lightning and some thunder, but no rain.  Darn.  Daniel and I enjoyed the show and the breeze.

I also got two packages in the mail last night!  It was like Christmas! 

My order of candles arrived!  I ordered from Texas Triple Scented and these candles are awesome.  So fragrant.  This was my second time ordering from them.  I got a big vanilla jar candle for my kitchen bar.

And lots of votives for around the house in creamy vanilla and rose petal.

And a free jar candle in rose petal.

I love candles and these are awesome.  I usually burn the rose ones in my master bathroom and I can smell them all the way through my bedroom.  They are great.

My makeup order also arrived.  I got to play with new colors this morning...always a good time.

The office will be crazy busy today.  In preparation, I have chosen the pen color.

And in other office supply news, I am almost through with the pink level of my teeny tiny post it notes.

What's a girl to do?

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. love getting candles, I snagged one at work....pear isn't my favorite scent but I'll give it a try

  2. I tend to like vanilla or floral scents. How did you snag one at work?


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