Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Love to Sleep

I do love to sleep, I admit it.  Is that wrong?  And maybe it isn't just that I love to sleep, but I love being warm and cozy in my bed with lots of pillows.  A rainy day with a book in bed is awesome. 

My husband will tell you that I also love to sleep in the maybe my big cozy bed is not as important to me as I think it is.  When we road trip, Daniel drives and I sleep.  It rocks.  And apparently I am not a new fan of sleeping in the car.

Old school road trip, I'm on the left.
 My sister and I were talking about this picture while we were on vacation look what we came up with!  Lindsey and Chelsie like to sleep in the car too!

Beautiful sleepy nieces
 I am happy I am not alone on my love of sleep.

Sammy is definitely a fan

Trixie might be the sleep winner
 Admit love to sleep too...

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