Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday was that kind of work day and I am so happy to be that much closer to the weekend!  My schedule has been crazy with a software implementation and the trouble shooting is starting to exhaust me.  Enter the Mexican mojito.

In this light cocktail, Jose Cuervo is a friend of mine!
This is a cocktail my friend Rebecca lightened up the recipe for and it is a winner!  You take lots of fresh mint, lime juice and splenda and muddle that together, then add a shot of tequila, more lime juice and grapefruit La Croix sparkling water, stir and enjoy!  And boy did I enjoy this low calorie cocktail after my frustrating day.

We made a Mexican inspired healthy dinner to go with our mojitos too.  We stir fried bell pepper, onion and mushroom in cooking spray and seasoned with garlic powder and little salt and served that as a side to chicken tenders seasoned with fajita seasoning then baked under tomatillo salsa.  Delicious!

This morning I slept in instead of my morning walk.  Extra rest is good for you right?  I did hit the gym at lunch, so I got a workout in...this week is going very well!  I cannot complain.

The pen color today is also a winner...turquoise!

And now back to the important things. :)

Make this won't complain either!  What is your favorite low calorie cocktail?


  1. that sounds delicious... and TURQUOISE FOR THE WIN!!!!

  2. yum, i'll have to try that drink


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