Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly Finds

This weekend I found new pillows for the sofa on the sun porch.

This sofa was the one my mother had in her living room and when we took over the house I thought it would be great on our sun porch.  I panted the trim of the room yellow and my plan is to have a Mary Engelbreit inspired sunny room when I am finished.  I think these pillows are a fun improvement to what I had before.

I love the colors and texture of these pillows and I think they look great with the sofa.  The sofa in real life is a deep red color even though it is photographing more pink.

I will be so excited when we get the new shades for the room.

Speaking of shades, the husband hung lots of window treatments this weekend.  Let's start in the kitchen.  Here is the kitchen sink area before curtains.

And now...

Much better.  I got the idea for these curtains from my sister.  She has one like this in her laundry room.  I ordered this one and ones for the bathrooms from Target.

It is amazing how a window treatment can complete a space.

Happy Tuesday friends!!


  1. Great additions. Those paisley pillows sure change the look! Love them.

  2. curtains really do make a space, this is the first house we've done much with curtains and i love them...though finding exactly what i want took FOREVER...


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