Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving photobomb!

I love my sister.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, food and new recipes!  This year was the husband and my first time hosting everyone for Thanksgiving and we had 12 family members join us.

We served lots of the regular dishes...turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, and gravy...and lots of the regular recipes...bread stuffing, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Along with a couple of new recipes from Skinny Taste!

This salad is fantastic!

These sweet potatoes were Uh-mazing.  Details and links to the recipes will be in the blog tomorrow.

I had a little drink station set up also with a light cranberry cosmo as the cocktail for the day.

On black Friday the sister and I wanted to shop, but we didn't want to be anywhere near a mall so we went to Pier 1.  I found these gigantic candle sticks for my dining room.

I am in love.

I also got some unscented pillars for the filigree candelabra I got on clearance from Willow House for my fire place.

I am bummed Willow House is phasing out their home goods, but I am enjoying their close out prices.

Sammy had lots of fun with her cousing Mo over the weekend.

I had tons of fun with my sister and my nieces.

I hadn't seen these beautiful girls since last February!!  I am so happy I see them again in three and a half weeks!!  I miss them already!

Sunday after my family left I wrapped presents...I can't believe I am 99% finished with Christmas shopping.

Now to relax, decorate and enjoy the season!!


I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


  1. Goodness that carved turkey looks amazing!!! Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

    1. It was delicious!! We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope yours was great as well!

  2. Aw, thank you for sharing your weekend! Looking at all of those presents, I just want to rip them open!

    Vanessa, 7Jaded

    1. I had fun wrapping them! I love to wrap presents.


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