Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

After Thanksgiving I did some Christmas decorating.  I have a fireplace and mantle now and I was excited to decorate it.

Yes, that is the decoration storage box and some wrapped presents in the picture...I was that excited to snap a picture I couldn't wait to clean up.

I ruined two of our stockings by storing them too close to a red candle so I ordered new stockings for us all with our names on them.  I am excited to hang them when they come and I am sure will share a new picture.  Other than that I decided I needed the lights and greenery to extend the entire length of the mantle and my sister made the great suggestion of hanging a lighted wreath.  Off to Michael's I went!  I got a lighted wreath that was on sale for 15 bucks and I got beaded tinsel and glittery letters for 50 cents each.


With the beads and letters the wreath set me back about 20 bucks.  I used my glue gun to put the letters on the wreath.

Festive, yes?

I also picked up some greenery for the dining room.  I couldn't let me new candle holders miss out, right?

My other new decoration this year are these ornaments from Willow House.

After the tree arrives this weekend I will share more of my decorations.  Have you started decorating yet?


  1. I love how you decorated the fireplace. I need to get stockings for us this year. The last time I had a stocking I was 8 years old...I think its time to readd that tradition back in.


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