Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Last weekend the husband and I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida for my dear friend Liz's baby shower.

Liz and me in St. Augustine

Liz is expecting identical twin boys in January!

It was so great to be in Florida for her baby shower.

It was also great that we didn't play shower games!  Instead we decorated onsies for the boys.

Their last name is Hartman...get it?  :)

On Sunday, the hubby, Liz, her hubby, and I went to St. Augustine.  It was founded in 1565 making it the oldest city in America.  It is pretty cool.

We had lunch at A1A Aleworks...they brew their own beer.

The husband thought they were pretty good.

I liked the King Street Light Lager.  It was delicious.

Great beer name.

No trip would be complete without a picture of the dog we visited.

Liz's pup Molly

And cloud pictures from the flight home.

Sammy got to spend the weekend at Bed and Biscuits.  My poor pup got sick!  They took such great care of her at B&B.  Sammy sent them some thank you cookies.  She is all better today.

Begging at the breakfast table...naughty!!

We didn't come back until yesterday evening so I am a little late for my Yolo Monday link up.  Better late than never!


I hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  1. glad you had fun, the weather here was perfect for a visit!

    Poor Sammmy:(

    1. It really was perfect weather! So beautiful!

  2. poor Sammy. I love the '1 of 2' '2 of 2' onesies....


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