Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Funday and Insta-Friday #7

I am off at noon today and the husband and I are headed to Jacksonville, Florida to see our friends Liz and Dave.

Liz is having identical twin boys and her baby shower is tomorrow!  It is going to be a fun weekend! 

We had a great week.  There was wine in Fredericksburg...such a pretty place and I loved the vineyards.

And there was shopping.  I got cute new bangles and a charm at James Avery. Love.

I also got this silly cow toy for Sammy.

Silly cow for silly Sammy

Halloween was fantastic.  I made my chicken and dumplings while we handed out candy.  Delicious!

My niece made the prettiest cat I have ever seen.

life rearranged

Have a fantastic weekend friends!!

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