Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Man Cave

I love the new sofa.  If you saw the post yesterday, you saw the internet picture of the new sofa we had delivered on Sunday.  Last night we "finished" up the den, which if I didn't mention, is also the husband's man cave.  We vacuumed, dusted and rolled out the new area rug I bought on my lunch hour yesterday.

Pretty nice looking for the husband's cave, right?  Don't worry the the valances and blinds are leaving.  We are "finished" with the den meaning it is ready for our house guests that arrive today.  We are not finished with the den.  But considering this is how it started...

...we have made AMAZING progress.  When we moved in last April the house was not even close to being finished.  The kitchen was gutted and we were still working on painting the rest of the house.  We were pretty much living in two rooms of our 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, so everything that we couldn't put away got piled in the den.  One huge disorganized nightmare.  I used to joke that we should just become hoarders because it would be easier.  :)


You can imagine how happy we were to FINALLY have everything out of here and roll out this new rug!   I love that the husband is open to my decorating touches in his den. 

I really like this rug.  I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday.  I think it goes with the sofa and the sofa pillows well.

Still on the list for the den...painting and replacing the window treatments.  Is it okay to call them window treatments when discussing a man cave?  Hmmm.

One last view.  Ahh.


  1. I see no elk head. Is the elk still sunning in the sun room?

    1. Oh, no...he is in there sitting on the floor next to his antlers in the corner. He's massive.


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