Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In yesterday's post I introduced you to our foster pup Wags.  She sure is a sweetie and she has a new nickname.  I call her Wagamuffin. She seems to like it just fine.  LOL.

"All this cuddling is exhausting."

This is our first foster experience and it is already rewarding.  This dog has had such a tough life it is amazing to me that she is so sweet and loving.  It really impresses me and because of this I know the perfect family is out there for her.  If you read her story on the blog yesterday you know that she was rescued from death row at BARC and then kenneled by a rescue that ran out of funds.  Basically she has lived in a kennel, pretty much forgotten, for about half of her short life.  My friend and one of the Red Collar Rescue volunteers sent me this screen shot from her intake record at BARC.

Heart breaking isn't it?  She is a completely different dog today.

She is already getting the sit and lie down commands; and we are working on boundaries like not jumping up, waiting to be invited into laps and on furniture.  She is smart and she will get it.

Sammy is continuing to warm up.  We had some more group outside time last night and a couple of trips this morning.

"Okay, she can stay.  I kind of like to steal her toys."

I was worried about Sam at first, since in order for this to be a successful foster she has to be happy too.  She is part of the family.  All the experts are telling us that it can take as long as two weeks for everything to get settled.  Our routine is already going pretty well and that is good news.  Isn't it Wags?

"Can't talk now, chewing a rawhide is serious business."

Very good then.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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