Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a fabulous weekend celebrating the return of football and the coming of fall.  Saturday I decorated while watching college games.

There will be a fall decor post coming later in the week.  I wish I could order some cooler temps to go with my decorations.  Sigh.

Sunday one of the BFFs, Rebecca, invited me and the husband over for some Packers football.

Rebecca, I know you are happy you let me snap this picture of you!

Yes, we are in Houston and yes the Texans are the husband and my favorite team, but we do also enjoy the Packers.

Packer fans reporting for duty!!

And yes, there was cheese!

Sorry, I could resist.  Rebecca was serving an awesome Wisconsin inspired spread complete with brats stewed in beer!

She has some recipe highlights up on her blog today if you want to check it out here.  They were pretty darn tasty.

I don't think the cookies had anything to do with Wisconsin, but they sure were yummy.

Rebecca's pups, Ava and Leo, were very excited to see us.

Okay, Ava was very excited to see us and Leo was happy that we gave him treats.  Not to worry, Ava got over her excitement eventually.  :)

Unfortunately, the Packers couldn't pull out a win for us.  Hopefully our Texans will bring home a win for us tonight!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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  1. ok I have to ask what is "brats stewed in beer?" I am from Australia remember and have never heard of themor it first I thought it said "rats" and had to re read it ha ha -love dee x


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