Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Much Glitter!

Okay, who remembers this cute back to school commercial by Target with the elementary school teacher?

I think of her every time I do anything that involves glitter...so much glitter!  And when I decorated my office...I thought of her...a lot.

I bought some new ribbon for the wreath on my office door.  I got two rolls of the ribbon since I wanted to make a big bow.  The ribbon has dots that are made of glitter on it.

Awe, cute
Well when I was halfway through wrapping my wreath I realized I had a lot more ribbon than I thought I did.  So I went ahead and went around the wreath twice.  Well, once I finished the wreath I still had a whole roll of ribbon left.  So the bow tying began.

Yes, those are old dart trophies
Anything that was standing still in my office got a bow.

I put all the ribbon to good use...and when I was done my office was covered in glitter!  So much glitter!  LOL


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