Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...Err Ornaments

I absolutely love having the Christmas decorations out.  Last night the husband and I lit the candles and relaxed to Christmas music while taking in all of the decorations in the house.

So much glitter.
These were ornaments that my parents made from plastic fruit and glitter for their first Christmas tree as a married couple.  I love them and they get a special place together in this bowl.  I also have some they made with nontraditional Christmas colors that I use at Easter time.  I just love that my parents made these together and I think it is awesome that they still look so fantastic!

I like to put Christmas ornaments in lots of different things around the house.  They are an inexpensive way to spread the cheer.

You might say I am a sucker for Christmas ornaments. I always seem to get a few each year.  Our Christmas tree has an array of different ornaments.

I try to get one with the year every Christmas.
There are all kinds of Santas.
EmaDW must have a W
Who doesn't have a purse ornament?
There is more to Christmas decorating than ornaments. :)
I won't brag and tell you that not only am I pretty much done shopping, but I also have everything wrapped.

Nope, no bragging.
How is your Christmas shopping going?  Do you love ornaments as much as I do?


  1. shopping is coming along, got a great deal at Kohl's this week for my father-in-law!

    I love ornaments too, I always mean to get them as souvenirs on trips but never seem to remember to actually DO IT! most of mine are just a mish-mash of inherited and purchased ornaments - Target and Cost Plus get lots of $$ on ornaments.

    I love the balls in glass! I want to do that!

  2. A lot of our ornaments are inherited. I always hit up Pier One at the end of the season...they usually have some awesome ones! I get a lot at Target too...I haven't been to Cost Plus in a while.


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