Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap and Weigh In

I had a fabulous weekend.  I will go ahead and tell you now that I didn't get on the scale this morning.  I worked out all week last week, but this weekend was full of higher calorie meals, snacks and drinks.  I know it is a gain and I know it would push me toward throwing up my hands and not caring until the new year, so I skipped it.  I packed my healthy lunch and my gym bag and I am moving forward.

Now the weekend...we went to Hattiesburg, MS to celebrate Christmas with my sister, brother-in-law and nieces.  The husband, my mom, Sammy and I hit the road Thursday afternoon.  We were discussing all the truck drivers and since they pretty much live in their cabs, do they decorate for the holidays.  We had all decided that if we drove trucks we would have at least a Christmas tree in the cab with us.  This trucker had the exact right idea.

I bet he had a Christmas tree in his cab.  There were much more lights on the truck than just the little bit on the front, but I missed that while getting my phone out to get the picture.  Love it.  Merry Christmas from I-12.

This was our first trip to Hattiesburg since my sister moved into her new house.  It is gorgeous and I loved cooking on her new stove.

Mashed potatoes and green beans...Mmmm.
Hello pretty gas stove with spider burners.  I want one.  This was the makings of Christmas dinner...we had beef tender, mashed potatoes, green beans and crusty bread.  Yum.

One of my fave KB shirts

We had a few cocktails at the Keg and Barrel on Friday night and listened to an awesome Irish band.

My niece Courtney saved up her allowance and did extra chores to earn money so she could buy everyone in the family a Christmas present.  Sweetest thing ever.

Love my new necklace.  It is very special to me!  Courtney gave the husband a Beatles t-shirt.  She is so thoughtful.  When she started getting into music, Daniel gave her a Beatles album that was the first one he bought for himself when he was a kid.

And this picture of my sister and Sugar doesn't really have a long story...I just thought it was super cute.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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