Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap and Weigh In

We had a super weekend!  Our Friday Funday involved a trip to the Saint Arnold's Brewery.  Let's start there, shall we?  Beer is always a good place to start.

Loved the front doors to the brewery.
Every week day afternoon Saint Arnold's opens to the public at 3:00 for happy hour.  It costs seven bucks a person, but that includes a tasting glass, 4 tokens for beers and an optional tour of the brewery.

Where they make the good stuff.
We took the tour, which was cool, but I wish they took you in to where the bottling happened as well.  The tour included the making of the beers only.

Brock Wagner one of the founders of the brewery giving the tour.
Saint Arnold's is Texas' oldest craft beer. They told us that on the very first tour of the brewery they had two people who wanted to attend.  There were a few more of us on Friday.

Kevin adding hops.
I like it.
I am sorry to tell all of you who do not live in Texas that this beer is only distributed in Texas.  I guess that gives you an additional reason to visit.

My favorite beer of the day is a new one that I had not tried before called Santo.  I not only liked the beer, but the art on the label is awesome too.  I had to purchase this pint glass because I liked it so much.

On Saturday we went and picked out our Christmas tree!

So many choices!
Yes our star is crooked.  We will fix is eventually (maybe).  My mom came over to decorate the tree with us and we had a lovely dinner of creamy mushroom chicken over egg noodles and green beans (recipe to come).  It was a wonderful Saturday night!

Sunday I got all of the Christmas presents wrapped.  I just have one more present to buy and that is for my mom...she is so hard to shop for.  I am waiting for an awesome idea to come to mind...or even just a good one.

And now the weigh in...

Previously: -2.6
This week: -1.3
Total:          -3.9

I will take it.  I have been stressing about losing weight during the holidays.  As you might remember, I skipped the weigh in last week so this is actually a two week loss.  I realized that my stressing about whether or not I would be able to lose over the holidays was fueling some extra snacking.  I have made the decision to keep moving and keep tracking...even if I have an off day here or there that is much better than an off month!  So here I go!

What are your biggest challenges with staying on track over the holiday?  And who is the most difficult person to shop for on your gift list?

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