Tuesday, October 9, 2012


My friend Roberta recently returned from France.

Photo shamelessly stolen from Roberta's G+ account - with permission of course

You might remember Roberta from this post or this one or this one.  There are other posts I could link to as well, but for simplicity and since I love this picture...

Roberta in France...picture also stolen with permission.

Roberta came back with awesome stories and beautiful pictures.  She brags...she is rude.

Uh-mazing.  Another stolen picture.

And kind of sweet and generous since she also returned bearing gifts.

Thanks, Bird!

Anyway, the husband and I were so jealous of her travels we decided to book a trip to Italy.  Okay, okay we had been planning a trip to Italy for the spring 2013, but we actually booked hotels over the weekend!!  The timing was just coincidental.  :)

We will be headed to Venice, Florence, and the country side of Tuscany.


Oh, and a tiny little place called Rome.


Needless to say we are very excited.

The husband has been lots of places around the world.  When he was in the Navy he was stationed out of a port in Japan, but he has never been to Europe.  My only trips out of the country have been to Mexico and Jamaica.  I have been out of the country a grand total of 3 times, so this is VERY exciting to me.  I cannot wait!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!


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