Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funday and Insta-Friday #6

I missed Insta-Friday last week...I was on my way to New Orleans!

Bourbon Street

Look at these cool lights in the Bourbon House. This restaurant was fantastic.

In case you did not know, I work on a college campus.  We had some changes here this week.  We lost an awesome man, Fr. James Keon.  He had been part of this community since the mid-sixties.

I remember him most for his ice skating skills.

When I was an undergraduate we had ice skating nights and Fr. Keon was always there in his hockey skates, speed skating circles around us.  He will be dearly missed here at UST.  Love him.

If you're interested you can see a campus news story about him here and read about him here as well.

UST also tore down a building this week.

It was a small building, but it was the building that held my first office here.  When I say office I mean all mine with a door and windows (it wasn't my first work space here on campus).

Goodbye Carriage House.

I visited the dentist this week as well.  I was happy this guy wasn't the one cleaning my teeth.

Halloween decorations are cool.

I hope you have had a great week!

life rearranged

Today is also Friday Funday!  I am out of the office at noon and we are on our way to Fredericksburg.  It should be a great weekend!!


  1. i love fredersicksburg, hope you had fun! sad news about Fr Keon.

    1. This was my first trip to Fredericksburg...I loved it!!


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