Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Let's start with birthdays!!  Today is my sis-in-law's birthday and Friday we went and had a great girl's dinner at Crappito's.  Since I am terrible, I have no picture of the SIL and me, so here is one from last year's birthday celebration.

We were this cute this year too.

The weather in Houston was pretty great over the weekend so on Friday we dined outside on this great patio.  I love the food and the patio at Crappito's.


It was a great evening!  Happy Birthday Dawn!  Love you lots!!

Saturday morning I went to the Houston Garden Center and bought plants for fall planting.  I wish my backseat always looked this good!

The car is no longer this pretty, but the deck looks great!

Mums, pansies and blue eyed rivieras.

More pansies.

I got this awesome jack-o-latern squash at my grocery store at the end of October last year for 4 bucks!  I love him.

I finally got my Texas stars hung.  I was happy.

This bougainvillea was on sale since it is not really a fall plant.  I hope it does okay, I think it is super pretty.

We had the most awesome cool-ish weather this weekend.  I wish it would stick around longer.  Sammy had a great weekend playing in the yard.  Sunday night she was worn out.

And for your entertainment at my expense...have you seen this new magazine ad for the new UN-scented oil of olay lotion?

Yep, I scratched and sniffed before reading the ad.  FAIL.  I laughed out loud though and took a picture to add to the blog, so I guess this is a successful advertisement!

Happy Monday!!  Did you have a nice weekend?



  1. hahah love the scratch and sniff, totally something I would do!

    newest follower from #yolo!


  2. following from YOLO MOnday hop

  3. Love your blog :)

    The weather here has been amazing huh!!

    1. Awe, thanks Megan! You made my day!!

      I wish this weather would stay a long time!!!


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