Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kitchen Details

Yesterday I posted the kitchen before and after pictures and today is all about the small details I love.  From the beginning, and by beginning I mean when I first started to redesign this kitchen in my head, I knew I wanted a new and improved wall mount faucet, a white subway tile back splash and the drawer pulls that remind me of old library card catalog pulls.

I will start at the beginning with the very first item I purchased for the kitchen...the faucet.

Despite being my first purchase it was one of the last things installed...(good things come to those who wait, I guess).  It was important to me to keep a wall mounted faucet in the kitchen; a couple of the contractors we interviewed thought that was weird, but I really wanted to embrace the fact that this is an older home.  Plus, I thought a wall faucet would look great with the subway tile back splash.

I love that I found this awesome faucet with old school style handles.  I love the handles.

I hadn't planned on choosing a border for the subway tile, but I also hadn't anticipated being able to fit an additional full size counter top by the stove.

This is the husband's pride and joy of the kitchen since he was the one who first envisioned it and measured out the spacing.  I love it because it gave me more subway tile space!  And I love the border!

Honestly, the fact we could add this counter space was huge in lots of ways.  I love that we decided to put the microwave in the space below the counter and if we hadn't added this space we wouldn't have had a place to put the coffee pot and canisters (they didn't fit below the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen!).

I love the drawer pulls.

I think they are rather awesome; so awesome in fact that they are the reason there is one big drawer here.

Originally this long drawer was supposed to be two drawers, but when they were installed the two corner drawers would only open as far as the drawer pull on the opposite drawer.  One of the choices I was given to fix the problem was to choose different drawer pulls.  I told the contractor that was not an option.  I like the one big drawer.

This pendant light over the sink has quickly become one of my favorite things.

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was pretty when I bought it, but the functionality of having a light over my sink makes it that much prettier.
If you have read any of my kitchen posts you know that I love the breakfast room shelves.

The idea to leave the cabinet doors off this area and create shelves was also one of my ideas from the beginning.  The bonus, the bead board that is original and continued behind the cabinets.


Another bonus, the curved detail at the bottom of the shelving.

Nice vintage touch

Ah, details.

Have a great Thursday!

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