Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend Recap and Weigh In

First things first...as I mentioned in Friday's post my friend Roberta's mom was having brain surgery.  The surgery was a great success, they were able to remove all of the tumor and a cyst and she is now recovering.  Thank you for sending your good thoughts and prayers in Roberta's family's direction!  Please keep them coming...she is now in the recovery stage and we all know how hard that can be.

Last weekend started with Friday Funday at The Ginger Man.  The husband loves the g-man for it's gigantic tap wall of craft beers.  I also enjoy trying all the beers, but Friday I limited myself on beers to limit calories...I was proud of me.

Their beer menu is so big they call the food part of their menu Solids.  I think that's hilarious.

We played some darts.  The g-man improved their scoreboards.  I was happy, they used to be pretty bad.  I don't know how that E + D heart got there.  Honest.  Daniel won...he would want me to report that.  Not by much of course.

The rest of the weekend consisted of cleaning up and out in preparation for our end of April move.  The scale didn't budge as I was hoping it was going to.

Previously:  -4.6
This Week:  -0
Total:           -4.6

But hey...not budging means I didn't gain either, so I will take it.

In other extra fun news, I got my car inspected over the weekend, so now my car is due for its next inspection in 2013.  I am wondering if the state of Texas is paranoid about the number 13 or if it is just worried its residents are paranoid.

Here's a sticker with a 2012 expiration date.

Here's my new sticker.  Interesting.  I wonder if 2014 will be 14 or 4.  How is your state handling next year ending in the dreaded number 13?


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