Friday, January 27, 2012


Yes, that is my whole title today.  I am too lazy to think of anything more creative.  I am super happy it is Friday and I am looking forward to the evening already.  I am ready to relax.

This week has been wise, allergy/headache wise and my energy level has been very low.  I know this will not be a week I have lost any weight.  I keep stressing a little about how slow this is going for me right now.  I know I need to keep on trucking, take a deep breath and just be happy that there is positive progress no matter how small.

Daisies make things better. (source)
So, I will concentrate on the positive today.  I ate a healthy breakfast, I packed a healthy lunch and I am as ready as I am am going to be to take on this day.

Next week my goal will be to move more.  Maybe my body needed the rest I have given it this week and that's why it was telling me to slow down on my activity and sleep more.  I hope I have created the balance it needed.  My mind is ready to go and get some awesome workouts in next week.

I missed my yoga class this week.  I am already looking forward to yoga next week.  I wish my yoga classroom looked like this picture....that would be cool.  I am also planning on getting to the gym in the morning with my workout buddy and neighbor, Rebecca.  I have missed out this week.  Sorry Rebecca!

My plans for the weekend are to relax, get some work done at the house we will be moving into at the end of April, take a few walks and plan some great healthy meals for next week.  I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!  What are your plans?

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