Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Boulders

As promised in yesterday's post here are my thoughts on the resort we stayed at in Arizona...The Boulders.

First of all the resort (at least most of it) is located in Carefree, can you not love a vacation spot called Carefree?  The guest rooms were awesome, we stayed in what they call a Casita and it was the perfect size, complete with sitting area, private patio/balcony and fireplace.

Our room looked exactly like this photo from their website, which I loved since I got exactly what I expected...and it was amazing.  The fire was super easy to light and they cleaned the fireplace and reset it each day while you were out.  Speaking of which housekeeping was awesome...each morning when we would go for our walk and off to breakfast we would return to a perfectly clean room.  It was as if they knew our schedule.

The resort is surrounded by nature/hiking trails, which we loved for being active each day and they were gorgeous.

The golf courses made me wish I played.

Another thing I liked about the resort was that their resort fee covered gratuity for everything (except restaurant service) so you didn't need to have a tip ready for spa service, someone carrying your luggage or housekeeping.  That was nice.

The resort had a main lodge which contained two restaurants, a gift shop and a lounge/bar; a clubhouse which had the golf and tennis shops and two restaurants; a shopping center which had a lot of shopping and 3 restaurants; a spa which had the fitness center, a salon and restaurant.  There was plenty to do right on site.

The only negative I can come up with is that if you did not have a car you pretty much had to eat all your meals on site, which the food was delicious, but got expensive after a while.  The resort is so big it made walking offsite to restaurants not very easy to do...and cab fare to offsite restaurants could really add up.  We did stock our room with snacks and wine (duh) so we only paid for about two meals a day.

The resort also had a lot of suggestions of things to do.  We decided on a hot air balloon ride with Hot Air Expeditions.  It was amazing.

The trip was awesome, I would definitely recommend a stay at The Boulders!


  1. Great review and great photos! I really enjoyed it, thanks!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting, Matt!


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