Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planning is Key...Isn't It?

Well, I thought it was.  Despite an hour and a half spent in the kitchen prepping lunch and dinner items, my week is still off to a bumpy start. 

We had an interesting weekend.  One that started with us thinking we might end up in the emergency vet, when Sammy started looking like this.  Poor pup had a swollen face and ear.  I'm not sure what got her that she reacted to, but some doses of children's Benadryl (by direction of the vet) fixed her right up.  I missed the bridal shower I was supposed to attend on Saturday, as I was too busy checking to make sure Sammy was breathing.  The Benadryl knocked her out and you could call her and call her and she wouldn't budge.  I was relieved when the swelling started to go down.

Sunday was a wonderful day with my mom.  Daniel and I cooked lunch over at her house and we just hung around.  Nothing super special, just time together and my mom seemed totally pleased which is what was important.  :)

After an afternoon nap, I got busy in the kitchen.  The good news is that everything I made will freeze well, so if we don't get to it this week I can carry this week's preparation into next week.  Hurray for freezers!!  Because then Monday happened.

Monday morning Sammy was not herself.  The face swelling was gone, but she was still super lazy (no Bendaryl since Saturday evening!) and she was not interested in eating...if you have ever met Sammy (or any labrador) you know that not being interested in eating is a definite sign of something wrong.

I was calling her name, loudly while taking this picture!
So, off to the vet we went.  The diagnosis...bacterial infection and after the first dose of antibiotics she was doing so much better.  This morning she was back to her old self.  Thank goodness!  She takes medicine through Saturday and hopefully whatever yucky thing she found to eat (that was the vet's guess of the cause) she will not ever find again.  In other news, the vet said the bacterial infection had nothing to do with the swollen face...just a fun coincidence.  I should reconsider my definition of fun, what do you think?

After a Monday of a sick dog, trying to work from home and a vet visit, I felt like a glass of wine and something extra yummy for dinner, so we had Chinese food.  :)  Again, hurray for freezers!

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  1. poor Sammy and Ema - having a sick dog is scary and no fun.

    thanks for posting your prep ideas, your meal plans changing sounds like ours...thank goodness for freezers


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