Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Steps

A fabulous picture from my phone!
I found myself walking down my office hallway today looking at the floor.  The tiled floor I remember from school or the grocery store as a kid.  Not fancy tile, but the vinyl kind (I think it is vinyl).  Anyway the one made of the squares that have that pattern that looks like smudged dirt or sneaker streaks and they are laid so the pattern stripes one way and then the other. 

I was walking my office hallway remembering when I was a kid I would walk deliberately stepping in the squares, avoiding the lines of course, and ensuring that I was stepping on the tiles so my feet were pointing the same direction as the pattern.  Did anyone else do that when they were little too?

I started doing this as I walked back to my office.  My feet barely fit in the squares and I had to take either very small steps or very large steps to stay in the correct directionally patterned tiles.  I am glad no one was in the hallway to see me.

Time flies.

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