Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Steps - Part Two

My friend introduced me to an app for my phone that applies cool effects to pictures.  I was laughing last night after I posted Baby Steps since I realized I had taken 3 different pictures of the floor to apply different effects to decide which one I liked best.  I even previewed the choices on my blog before making my final decision. 

I figured since I had put so much effort out creating 3 different pictures of the hallway floor from my office that they must be worth sharing (or not).  So behold...the tile floor!!

This photo received third place from me...didn't look enough like the actual floor.

This was a close second, very accurate.

This one won because it is so shiny!  And let's face it, a little pink.
And in completely unrelated photos, but still a demonstration of how much I am enjoying this silly picture app on my phone...I present, Sammy in a box.  Maru is her hero.  :)


  1. Sammy is so cute. Erika got a chocolate Lab about a month ago. Labs are so cute and they eat a lot!

  2. They eat a ton & have so much energy!!


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