Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blast From the Past

I work on the campus of the University of St. Thomas, which also happens to be my alma mater.  I stopped by the archives this week on my lunch hour on the way to the gym and ended up spending my whole gym time there (good thing I already had plans for a workout after work too).  Archives has so much awesome history in it.  They have the original crowns used for the Mardi Gras gala that has been a tradition on this campus, I believe from inception.  There were antiques from many of the original buildings on campus, door knobs from Hughes House (Howard Hughes' home), and a podium that was designed by architect Phillip Johnson (who also designed most of the buildings on campus).

The Bettys (both the ladies that work in the archives are named Betty, so we call them the Bettys) were so excited to have us and wanted to show us everything.  I pulled out my phone and started taking some pictures.

This first UST commencement ceremony.
I absolutely loved this picture of the first commencement.  It was held at the church where I got married (oh, and my parents and grandparents married there too...cool).

A relic from the punch card registration system...terrible picture, sorry about that

Ground Breaking from the Student Center

A letter from Ronald Reagan to one of the Basilian Fathers

One of the original hand books

A pin with a UST logo I have never seen before
My favorite find was the time capsule from the 50th anniversary of UST that was supposed to have been burried.  I guess the fact that it is still above ground will save us some time on the day we are supposed to dig it up. 

I wish I knew what date the time capsule was supposed to be opened.  Any UST alums out there know???

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