Tuesday, February 25, 2014


**PUPDATE! Aspen has been adopted!**

It's that time of the week again!  Here is a fun guest blogger from Red Collar Rescue...everyone meet Aspen!

Oh, hi there everybody!  I'm Aspen and Imma happy girl.  I'm about 3 years old in human years and I'm foto, uh, photo...um...I smile real pretty for the camera!


I'm not so great with the spelling, but Imma smart doggie.  I have a foster house right now and I am learnin' all the good stuff.  Like all my manners and where to go potty. Imma good learner.

I've got a fun puppy like personality and I'll probably be about 35 pounds when I get to my healthy weight.  I'll be about as tall as your knee when I am standing on all my feets.  Imma little taller when I do my investigatin'.

That's me, investigatin'.

Did I tell you already that I love to cuddle?  I do, I really do.  I roll over on my back for belly rubs because those are the best.  I get all wiggle and snuggley.  My foster mom says it's cute.

I also love to walk with ya and spread the joy.  People say that I'm like joy in motion, so I spread it wherever I go.  It's like a public service really.
Oh!  I love ta play.  It is super fun, fun, fun.  No toy is too big for me.  Look at this...

No problem.  I got dis.  You wanna play with me?  That's a silly question, I know.  Come play with me!  I'd be a great doggie at your house too.  I'd love for your house to be MY house!  

Dontcha wanna adopt me??  Pretty please???

Awe, such a sweet girl.  If you'd like to meet Aspen you can contact Red Collar Rescue via email at info@redcollar.org.

*All of the photos in this post are by the talented Amy of BH Studios.

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