Thursday, February 13, 2014


**PUPDATE!!!!  Aleta has found her forever home!!!**

I am so happy to have all these guest bloggers!  It has been busy over here this week, and I might not have any blog posts up without them.  :)

You remember Supergirl from last week?  Here's her sister Aleta!!

Hi!  I'm Aleta and I'm a strong super hero just like my sister.  I survived being thrown out like a piece of trash by a human I thought loved me.  Why, oh why, would someone do that?

Thank goodness for that Red Collar Rescue volunteer that noticed that something was weird in the dump site.  She did a little investigating and found us, grabbed us all right up, and took us to safety.  She's a super hero too!

Just when I was thinking life was getting better, I was diagnosed with parvo.  Not to worry, my super powers kicked in and I kicked parvo to the curb!  I am a strong girl!

You'd think after my rough start that I wouldn't be able to trust anyone, but I have found great humans and now I'm part of a p-awesome foster family.  I'm not one to brag, but they tell everyone I'm a happy go lucky girl; I can find friends in all sized dogs, cats and humans!  I don't know a stranger.

I'm taking my training to the next level by going to obedience school.  I'm ready to impress you with my skills and how well potty trained I am.

I'm an inquisitive pup who loves to spend time outside.  I think it's really cool to explore and play.  I'd love to have a forever family to do all these fun things with.

Are you looking for a strong, friendly super hero?  I'm a great one.  You want to be my family?

If you'd like to meet super Aleta you can contact Red Collar Rescue at  Personally, I think we can all use a little super hero in our lives.

The photos in this post were provided by the talented Amy of BH Studios.


  1. Hi Aleta! You sure are a pretty girl, yes you are! Welcome to the world where people love dogs and would never treat you like that other human... I'm sad to say there are humans like that!

    1. Right!? I think animal abusers should be punished by suffering the same abuse they have dished out.


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