Monday, February 10, 2014


**PUPDATE!! Scooter has found his forever home! **

Grand Ideas has happily gone to the dogs!!!  Scooter is doing the blogging today.

Hi.  My name is Scooter.  I am a sweet, calm guy.  Some people think I am real big, but I don't think I am too big.  I don't jump up or anything so it's okay to be 85 pounds.

I had a human once, but he got real sick and couldn't take care of me anymore, so now I need a new home.  I am staying in the kennel right now and I sure would rather be at your house with you.  I've lived in a house my whole life (around 5 whole years) so I am really good at living in one and I promise to be a good boy. 

I walk really good on a leash; I don't pull or anything.  I am kind of a slow paced easy going fellow.  I am just happy to be around people and get some pets.  I sure like the pets.

I'm really smart.  I know all my commands and I can even shake your hand.

Do you have room at your house for lots of love?  I have lots to share.

How can you resist that face!?  If you're interested in meeting Scooter contact me at and we can make arrangements for Scooter to shake your hand.

The photos in this post were provided by Amy of BH Studios.


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