Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

Phew!!  It has been crazy here.  I have missed all of you so much!  It was a great weekend.  We kicked it off with a little live music on Friday.

We saw Gary P Nunn at Blanco's.  It was kind of goodbye occasion, Blanco's is closing in a couple of months.  It has been around a long time and it is weird that it will be gone soon.

On Saturday one of the BFFs Rebecca had the ladies over for a pumpkin painting party.

And paint pumpkins we did!

There was also some mod podge going on.  I love how the fall leaf pumpkin turned out.

I adore this chest that Rebecca has in her living room.

Doesn't it look fantastic decked out for Halloween?  Love.

There was also a lot of snuggle time this weekend.

Check out how great Sammy and Wags are getting along!  Wags is our foster pup that I introduced you to a few weeks ago.  She is a sweetie.

Sammy has been an only dog for a long time, so she had a little trouble adjusting to having Wags around.  Although she won't admit it, I am fairly sure she is loving her foster sister now.

Proof in the smiles.

Wags is available for adoption through Red Collar Rescue and is so excited to find her forever home.  She has lots of love to share.

And she is happy to provide entertainment.

Silly girl.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. How fun--this weekend we got our pumpkins too--HOPEING to get them painted and carved out by the end of the week. <3 the pumpkin with the leaves around it.

  2. Such a fun time! Your photo's look soo exciting! And those dogs are adorable!!!!


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