Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweet Wags

Wags is still waiting patiently for her forever home.  Do you know anyone who needs a snuggle machine?

"Please to open this gate and give me the snuggles."

Wags is a lucky rescue of Red Collar Rescue in Houston.  If you want to meet her you can email them at

I promise she will faithfully snuggle you for the rest of her life.


  1. Adorable! What breed is she? Do you know what her temperament is around cats?

    1. She is a boxer/pit bull terrier mix. She is super sweet and completely uninterested in cats. She has given Trixie (our cat) a couple of sniffs, but isn't interested in trying to snuggle her or chase her.

  2. Desiree..... Wags is DREAMY! <3

    (Leslie K. Heinsohn)
    I have to sign as anonymous because I don't have any of these accounts... but i'm a real person! hehe


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