Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wagita y Abuelita

My mom is in town.  If you have been reading the blog a while you know that when my mom is in town she stays with the husband and me.  The husband loves this, just ask him and he will tell you.

My mom is a Sammy lover.  She calls Sam her grand-dog and when Wags came home there was an adjustment period for Sammy.  During this adjustment period (from Mississippi) my mother decided that she was not Wags' biggest fan since she was impacting the life of her grand-dog.

Challenge: Score Foster Granny - Accepted!

 As you can see Sammy's life has truly been turned upside down.

A playmate...the horror.

I don't blame mom for defending her grand-dog; it was a little rough going when Wags first came home.  Just ask all the Red Collar Rescue volunteers that I harassed for advice, but I knew we could make this work.


My mom has been home a week now and during that week I have noticed something.  Wags is being included in grandma/grand-dog rituals, like the morning milkbone after breakfast.

"A morning milkbone?  Yes, please to give us one."

This morning I was in the bathroom doing my hair and I overheard my mom talking to the dogs in the kitchen.  (Yes, we talk to the animals in our house; no, it is not weird.)  I can't remember what she was discussing with the pups, but what I did hear was Wagita.

"Yo soy Wagita."

And with that granny granted nickname Wags calls her mission complete; one foster granny scored.

I couldn't help but text this news to my friend and Red Collar Rescue volunteer, Sophie.  She responded with awe, Wagita has an Abuelita!  Yes, I think she does.

If you would like to meet Wags, aka Wagamuffin, aka Wagita, you can email Red Collar Rescue at info@redcollar.org.

Hasta Luego!


  1. I love the picture where Sammy and Wags are both playing with the bone toy!

  2. sounds like she wins over everyone she meets! I love that she talks like Yoda :) Smokey gets a milkbone every time we bathe him, he doesn't love baths but does love the treat!!!


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