Friday, June 21, 2013


Wow, this week has been crazy.  I am happy it is Friday even though it is a busy one.  Let's review!

I have the house decked out in stars and stripes for the summer and I am loving it.

I need to finish one last thing for my mantel and then I will feature it on the blog.

My sister posted this great picture of my dad on Facebook from her wedding.  Sunday was Father's Day so I have been thinking about my dad a lot this week.  

I still miss him everyday...I'm such a daddy's girl.  :)  Love you Dad!

I finished my chalkboard pantry door and I love it!! 

My grocery list has never been cuter.  I can't wait for my nieces to see it next week.  They will have fun with it.

The husband and I have been riding our bikes in the evening and one night it rained on us.  It was fun to ride in the rain.

We weren't dancing, but we were living.  :)

Sammy is always very happy it's Friday...look at that smile.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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  1. Awesome themes of your pic's!! Love the patriotic theme all summer, I so miss my daddy also, chalkboard pantry door (very clever and handy) and the whole dance in the rain is totally my mindset and who couldn't love Sammy (that face!) :)))))

    Thanks so much for visiting and I am returning the visit and will be following via GFC!!


  2. Oh so sorry...I miss my Dad too. Your dog has a beautiful smile! Have a great weekend!
    :) Jen

  3. I love the wreath that you made and the chalkboard pantry! How fun! I need to remind myself to get on the ball with the 4th of July decorating already!


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