Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Thank God it's Wednesday.  This week has been a little long already and I am happy there are only two and a half more work days before the weekend.  I am ready.

Last night the husband and I needed to get out of the construction zone house so we went to a cute little neighborhood restaurant called Sophia.  It was nice to sit and chat and not stress about everything that we need to do.  We brought a bottle of delicious wine and had the Italian pizza.

It was was great...worth its points.  :) Their pizza had salami on it, I logged it as a slice of pepperoni pizza (from a large size pizza) which I think was fair for what I had.  Sophia's pizza has nice crunchy thin crust...very tasty.  To go with my piece of pizza I ordered some grilled asparagus.  It was cooked perfectly.  Fabulous.

Together with my two glasses of wine my dinner was 16 points plus.  I borrowed two points from my weekly points...I love those points.  :)

It was nice to get out and escape the chaos at our house.  I try and focus on the things that are starting to make it look more like a home and not a full on construction area.  Here is a peak at a few of those things.

I am loving these bird prints I found at Pier One.  So cute over the bed in our awesome green room.  I am already over the striped quilt though.  Sigh.

We removed the old school screen door that was on the front door.  It made a huge and instant difference.

I found these stars at Garden Ridge Pottery and they fit perfectly on the fence behind our deck.

I love daisies.  I don't know if you knew that or not.  My nieces made this flower pot for my mom a couple of Easters ago.  I thought these daisies looked cute in it.

What kinds of things do you like to focus on to help relieve stress?

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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